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Darragh Rogan - Fintech Reviewer

I review European Fintechs on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/darraghrogan

For this work, I derive income from the Fintechs I review through referral links if the viewer chooses to click and sign up. This is clearly disclosed to the viewer.

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Unknown said...

Hi good morning am Collins am your YouTube subscriber so you made a video on dipocket so I have account with them right now I made I transfer of 1,000 EUR from my account in my name to dipocket my account all in my name recipient in my name reciver in my name too.i just want to login if the funds arrive to my dipocket all see is blocked dipocket blocked my with a 1,000 eru am piss of so I didn't know if this is fraud or what what must I do I have being waiting them no reply from them