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Consultation on DLRCoCo Draft Parking Control Bye Laws 2017

Further to

I have made the following suggestions, to integrate Electric Vehicles into the car parking bye-laws of my home district:

1.  I suggest that provision be made in the bye-laws to handle electric vehicle charging dedicated parking spaces, specifically to prevent other vehicles from using these spaces, and also to compel electric vehicles to move from these spaces when their charging cycle is complete (to enable other vehicles use the charger).
This is in line with National Policy Framework Alternative Fuels Infrastructure for Transport in Ireland ( ) - see page 85, under "Measures to be implemented by end of 2018": Address the issue of misuse or ‘icing’ of charge point spaces through parking and/or road traffic regulations

2. Regarding payment for parking, it …

Vacant Retail Units + Student Accommodation - Made for each other?

Ireland, and particularly its main cities and towns, are suffering from an acute shortage of accommodation at all levels of the market - family living, hotel rooms, student accommodation - you name the bed-need, and there's a corresponding drought. A resurgent economy, following a period with little investment following the Post-2008 Irish economic downturn, has caught the nation short of sufficient beds to house residents and visitors alike.

This was all predicted throughout the years, of course, however with very little credit being extended to front speculative construction, there was little that private enterprise nor the government could do except wait for the inevitable capacity crunch. And the capacity crunch happened as the economy recovered, coupled with emigrants returning home, and immigrants from other nations all wishing to take part in the Celtic Phoenix.

Separately from accommodation shortages, we read that retail, particularly on our main streets, is struggling. T…

Public Consultation – Review of Stamp Duty on Share Transactions

Further to I am of the opinion that stamp duty on shares transactions in Irish securities should be eliminated.

I provide my rationale below, answering the questions asked in the consultation, and based on the briefing document:
As an aside, from reading the document above, it was very refreshing to read that securities on Irish Stock Exchange's MSM are exempt from stamp duty if the trade is less than €1,000, or that securities on the Irish Stock Exchange's ESM are exempt altogether as of June 2017. The prospect of stamp duty per trade has always acted as a discouragement from investing through the ISE - these exemptions, while difficult to communicate clearly I suspect, are welcome.

Contemporary newspaper article:…

Footback: Vehicular speed control interface with feedback

A few years ago I had an idea regarding accelerator pedals on cars, and how to adapt them for modern driving patterns.

I though the idea was patent worthy (and to be fair it probably is "novel") however from speaking with someone academic expertise, and forming my own views on the abuse of the patent system by "patent trolls", I came to conclusion that patenting this idea would not be the best path forward. It's rough, unfinished, and needs work / grit.

In lieu, I want to put it out in the world, so that if someone smarter than me stumbles upon it, they may be able to do something with it, and hey: if you are that person, and want help implementing the idea - get in touch! All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Flowchart seen below is here - using the excellent Raptor flowchart programming software.

Summary of the Invention A vehicular power / acceleration control interface, with appropriate programming to t…