Chicken Rice Lettuce Fusion

This is my first attempt at a meal using chicken as its meat, so I'm taking it, and mixing it with what I know, making a "Fusion" meal.

Step 1: Assemble your ingredients

What you need is:

  • A Chicken Fillet
  • Olive Oil
  • Rice (I prefer Long Grain, but everyone has different tastes)
  • Scallion, Carrot & Egg to make the Egg Fried Rice (Again, you can use ingredients other than Carrot or Scallion here, but I feel that the tangy taste of the scallion goes well with the contrast of the hard carrot and the soft rice)
  • Romain Lettuce (Used to cool down the palate during the meal)
  • Salt & Pepper (Here, I used "4 Seasons Pepper" to flavour the chicken, but your personal choice of herbs here could be used)
  • Cheese (I used Parmesan Cheese as it is quite light and is ideal to be sprinkled on the chicken)

Step 2: Prepare your Carrot & Scallion

Here I prepared the carrot & scallion to be ready to mix with the rice at a later stage. I find that 1 scallion per person, and a quarter of a carrot per person is a good guideline on quantities. They should be chopped quite small, but not too small that the carrot or scallion will burn when fried.

Step 3: Pre-Fry your Rice

The idea here is that your rice will absorb the flabour of olive oil. I pre-heated my wok, poured ~ a tablespoon of olive oil and fried the rice for a minute, ensuring that all the rice was coated and heated.

Step 3: Boil the rice

If these instructions sound like they're from the back of an Uncle Bens packet; well you're crazy;-)
Put the rice into a pot of boiling water, and allow cook for 10 minutes. It's important to stir the rice to stop it burning at the bottom of the pot. When its cooked drain the water, and put the pot back on the heat to steam out the remaining moisture, taking care to avoid the rice burning.

Step 4: Prepare & Fry the Chicken Fillet

To prepare the chicken fillet, massage olive oil onto both sides of the fillet, with your flavouring generously sprinkled on it also. Drop into a 3/4 hot pan (preferably a griddle style to give a nice effect when finished) with olive oil and leave to cook while moving onto frying your rice

Step 5: Fried Rice

This step mixes the carrot, scallion, rice and egg together to make the fired rice.
Preheat your wok to its highest heat with olive oil. I add the carrot first, then the scallion, then the rice which should by now have most of its moisture steamed off in the pot. Mix thouroughly, then break your egg into the wok.

At this stage you must break the yoke of the egg, and whisk it through the entire body of rice. The heat of the fired rice will cook the egg in about 10 or 20 seconds so you must mix the egg through all of the rice to get a consistent taste and texture.

Step 6: Sprinkle the cheese, and serve with lettuce

Serve on a pre-heated plate with Romain Lettuce on the side, with a light dusting of Parmesan Cheese on the chicken. Enjoy with a glass of white Chilean Wine, and something sweet for after ;-)