Tortilla de Patatas

A recipe given to me by my lady-friend as the starter to a going away meal from Erasmus in Spain-made it slightly easier to deal with...delicious none-the-less (and the tortillas weren't bad either!)

(although the best idea is to find ones favorite proportions and way of preparation):

1. 4-5 eggs (normally we use 4-5 but as you know, sometimes the number of people eating it decides the number of eggs)
2. 2-3 big potatoes
3. chopped onions (1-2)
4. salt
5. red paprika (the spicy one)
6. oil - to fry
7. if you wish, you can add mushrooms (learning, learning), ham, cheese or whatever…

- we, as you know, usually boil [instead of frying] the potatoes (but not completely), then slice them and fry a bit, till they're nicely brownish (this way, they aren't soaked with oil)
- fry the chopped onion, adding some salt
- in a bowl you beat the eggs and add paprika (+ optional spices)
- once the onions and the potatoes look nicely fried, you pour it all into the bowl and mix it with the eggs
- pour everything into the frying pan and fry - over a low heat
- then you either put the pan under the grill to cook the top or turn the contents of the pan onto a plate, upside down and then slide onto the pan again to cook the otherside